Causes of Variability in Abundance of Fish Species

Beginning with Reginald Truitt’s dockside laboratory in 1925, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science has traveled the road to discovery. For more than 80 years, UMCES students, researchers and faculty have gathered information and developed theories that have helped improve society’s scientific understanding of the environment. By sharing this newfound knowledge on important issues such as fisheries management, ecosystem health and climate change, the Center has had an undeniable impact on the way we think about the natural world. As Maryland’s premier research institution aimed at advancing scientific knowledge of the environment, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science is one of twelve institutions within the University System of Maryland. The Center has a unique statutory mandate to conduct a comprehensive scientific program to develop and apply predictive ecology for the improvement and preservation of Maryland’s physical environment. In carrying out this mission, the Center also has a distinct responsibility to prepare future scientists and environmental stewards to meet the growing environmental challenges facing society today and research needs of tomorrow.


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